1st Puss 'N' Boots Line-up
Jan King, Ché Zuro, Karina Dahl, Laurie Bell

2nd Puss 'N' Boots Line-up
Jan King, Tami Peden, Susan Ball, Kim Burgermeyer


"PUSS 'N' Boots"
4 tracks demo EP
1986 US
Not on label

A case of Suterian bias, because this is an act I've been doing my best to help out. Band leader Jan King's history goes as far back as fronting The Orchids, and indeed the original Puss 'N' Boots line-up included two of her former colleagues who subsequently baled out, leaving the band high and dry and searching for new members of equivalent quality.

The problem with so many female musicians in L.A. is that their abilities are limited to playing Mötley Crüe Metal or L.A. Guns Street Metal, but this lot have something of an edge in the guitar work of Susan Ball - not just Hollywood's answer to the Barbie Doll (no clues as to her whereabouts in the picture!), she also plays up a storm!

Along with King's gritty vocals and imaginative tunes (unsigned bands rarely write classics, but the Boots have one in "Black Spanish Lace") and the skills of drummer Tami Peden and new bassist Liza Carbet, this adds up to one of the best all-girl bands in town.
They've been described as the "female answer to Guns n' Roses", and in so far as this means "though but with good songs" it's not a bad comparison.
RAW magazine 1989

3rd Puss 'N' Boots Line-up
Jan King, Liza Carbet, Suan Ball, Tami Peden

4th Puss 'N' Boots Line-up
Pat McCabe, Tami Peden, Jan King

"PUSS 'N 'Boots"
Early 90's US
Not on label
(bootleg CD)

Jan King: vocals, guitar
Tami Peden: drums
Pat McCabe: bass

Rising up from the Los Angeles undergournd comes an authentic street band, steeped in the mystique and power of the late 60's and early 70's. In the tradition of groups such as Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience this female power trio plays a heavy, blues-based music far from the formula pop so prevalent today. The powerful voice and blues guitar of Jan King lead you on a journey of social consciousness and all out power that backed by the heavy Ginger Baker-like drums of Tami Peden and the pumping bass of Pat McCabe, re-acquaint you with the roots of rock and blues.

Turn it up, kick back for a few minutes and feel the power of Puss 'N' Boots - rock from the 70's for the 90's.
Dick Wagner 1980


This L.A. based band's got commercial potential, but their songs are not hits. They are a creative group especially with the cleverly written song, Switchblade.
There's a little bit of the Who / Grand Funk and some old Van Halen in this band, because lead guitarist Susan Ball likes to jam.
In fact, all the musicians on this tape are stupendous.
Unfortunately, because of the songs' spaciousness and artsy arrangements, their commercial potential suffers. A producer could help them find a happy medium.

Lead singer Jan King is a top-notch interpreter. And her voice recalls Patti Smith's and Wendy O'Williams' toughness, but it also is a fresh new voice, definitely ready for the major labels.
Puss 'N' Boots have a song on the Metalblade soundtrack of Beach Balls and they're a very delightful find.

Written by Mark Governor

1st Puss 'N' Boots Line-up
Ché Zuro, Karina Dahl, Laurie Bell, Jan King

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