2001 US
Self-released CD
Jan King: vocals, guitar
Tami Peden: drums
Steve Gerlach: guitar
Rick Carton: bass

Cane Corso will be the next band to save rock, and God knows it needs saving.

Guitarist/vocalist Jan King and drummer Tami Peden have been playing together on and off in L.A. and Chicago for ten years, and between them their credits include Puss 'N' Boots and Medicine Ball.

Jan also co-wrote "Chains" from the Soul Asylum album Clam Dip and Other Delights (back when Soul Asylum still had some real rock 'n roll credibility), worked in film scoring, and was brutally killed by a roving pack of vampires in the now classic horror film Near Dark.

Guitarist/vocalist Steve Gerlach has toured and recorded with Tommy Keane, Bad Examples and Phantom Helmsmen, and is a veteran of many other Chicago rock bands. Bassist/vocalist Rick Carton's band history includes Tarnations and Two-Fisted Cool.
The band recently completed their 4-song sampler with producer Doug McBride.
The disc serves as a demo to get the band gigs, attention, money and ultimately, laid. It is being distributed to a select few pillars of the business, like yourselves, for consideration and listening enjoyment.
Rick Carton 2001, Chicago, Il
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